All-In-One Virtual Interactive Desktop
Bringing a new immersive and interactive learning experience
Revolutionary Vocational Training Solution
Solve problems such as high investment and high risk as well as difficulties in implementation, viewing and reappearance
  • New Energy Automobiles
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Animal Anatomy
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Industrial Robotics
  • Medical Treatment
  • Traditional Automobiles

New Energy Automobiles

Allowing students to assemble and disassemble under standardization process of real car model. Safer, reversible, and more economical.

Mechanical Engineering

Provision of pneumatic, hydraulic, and basic mechanical parts, structures, and working...

Animal Anatomy

Highly simulation of real world instrument and specimen operation through human-machine dialogue, allowing repeated operations.

Electrical Engineering

Hundreds of high-quality 3D models for students’ hands-on operation, observation, training, and assessment

Industrial Robotics

Provision of abundant resources for learning of industrial robot’s internal parts, st...

Medical Treatment

The virtual simulation teaching courses of Chinese acupuncture and elderly care highly visualize the treating process of real scenarios.

Traditional Automobiles

Important car modules including engine. transmission and car body can be 360 degree ...


K1 All-In-One

Blurring the line between reality and the virtual world


zSpace desktop AIO machine

Inspire Laptop

zSpace desktop AIO machine

VR Training Room Solution

Through construction of platform, training resources and smart classroom, and carry out project-based, task-based, flipped, scenario-based, “online + offline” hybrid teaching and learning mode by highlighting learners in the whole process.

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